Saturday, 25 February 2017

Selling a House During Divorce

selling a house during divorce

Selling a house during divorce and what to expect

One of the joys of my career is working with first time home buyers which often includes newlyweds. Finding them their first or second home is a very rewarding feeling. Recently I was contacted by a past client who advised me that he and his wife were getting a divorce and needed to sell their home. This is one of the unfortunate situations that can arise but is an unavoidable truth.

When neither spouse wants to stay in the house or they can't afford to buy the other spouse out then selling the house is the best solution. 

Choosing a REALTOR®

Choosing a Realtor® will be the first step. You may want to use the Realtor® you bought your house through. Make sure to pick a Realtor® who will be unbiased in the sale of your home and who won't choose sides. Listing your house at a fair market value will be beneficial and will help you get a quick sale at the best price. Make sure the agent does a comprehensive comparative market analysis (CMA) This entails selecting at least 3 recent sales and 3 active listings comparable to your house and preferably in your neighbourhood. This is the best way to come to establish a fair listing price in the current market.

Deciding on a fair asking price

After reviewing the CMA with your Realtor® and making adjustments for upgrades, location and other factors it is time to set the correct asking price. Statistics show that homes listed too high will sit on the market longer and end up selling for less. Hit the market at the right price to relieve any further stress and have a successful sale.

Prepare your house for the market

This is where choosing the right professional for the job is very important. Marketing your home right will get you the most money in the shortest amount of time. To help our clients get the most money we offer extensive marketing including professional photos, home staging, open houses, HD video tours, social media marketing and more. Make sure your agent is up to date on all the current marketing available for todays market.

The offer!

With your house priced right and professionally marketed, inevitably an offer will be received. Both of you will have to work together and come to a decision on the final selling price. Yield your Agents advice at this time in negotiating an acceptable offer.

The settling of money

Outstanding mortgages, liens and commissions will be deducted from the sale price on completion. One spouse may have been making mortgage payments during the post separation. This will have to be adjusted on closing to that spouse. This will be left to the lawyers and judge to decide.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wasaga Beach Health and Fitness Gyms

wasaga beach health and fitness gyms

When I first decided to write my blog one of my biggest concerns was and still is coming up with different topics to write about. My main blog focus is to write about everything real estate in the Wasaga Beach area. I often get asked by my client's about the local gyms. Keeping fit and healthy is very important to people and knowing where the local gyms are is one of the deciding factors on where they will be buying their future home.

Fast food is my weakness

Selling Real Estate is a great career and I have no regrets becoming a REALTOR®. Helping my client's on their home ownership journey is very rewarding.One of the downsides with this career is there are no set hours, often working late into the evenings is the norm. This is where fast food rears it's head. It's quick,easy and taste so good and is usually cheaper than eating healthy.
One of the very first things I did to stay healthy and lose weight was limit my fast food intake. I would either pack a sandwich or a protein shake for on the go.

Dieting alone isn't enough

I have struggled with my weight ever since I turned 30. I have read countless articles on weight loss and even tried gimmicky diet fads. Most of the trusted articles I have read state losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. This may be true for most but wasn't entirely true for me. I lost some weight but I found I was constantly hungry. I then decided to join a gym. We have 2 gyms in Wasaga Beach. The YMCA and Anytime Fitness. The YMCA is a great facility offering a large exercise/weight room,pool, locker room and showers. Anytime fitness offers large weight/exercise room and private showers but no lockers and is accessible 24 hours/day and you can use any facility across the county.Due to my hectic schedule I decided to join Anytime fitness and am very pleased I did. The manager Greg is very helpful and they have several personal trainers staffed if needed.


I've been at it now for about 2 month and have lost about 10 lbs and have noticeably more muscle tone. I am very pleased with my results. I know it's not an overnight venture and takes time but I am in it for the long haul :)

"Thinking about buying or selling?"

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Wasaga Beach Population Reaches New Heights

Wasaga Beach population reaches new high
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This Ain't no small town no more

When my family moved up to Wasaga Beach when I was 18 the population back then was below approximately 7,000. My how things have changed. Wasaga Beach has steadily grown over the years being the fastest growing town in Canada on several occasions. This comes as no surprise considering the towns close proximity to the GTA. Wasaga Beach offers so much for residents. Featuring the longest freshwater beach in World, cross country skiing and hiking trails, 20 minutes from Blue Mountain down hill ski hills and much more.

Housing shortage may stall population growth

There is currently a housing shortage in Wasaga Beach including all surrounding towns. The GTA is much too expensive so home buyers and retirees are looking north to buy their first home. Unfortunately we are seeing low new home construction and resale homes. We have been in a Sellers market for well over a year now and we aren't seeing this changing anytime soon. In my opinion this will stall the towns population growth unless new development begins soon.

New high school needed more than ever

With the new population being announced perhaps this will put the pressure on the Simcoe County school Board to approve a much needed high school for Wasaga Beach. Currently students are bused to neighboring towns of Collingwood and Stayner. Often home buyers will look to towns that offer high school for their children also affecting future growth.

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